Looking back at Sim Formula Europe 2024

The new year started for The Last Garage with the big reveal of our racing simulation engine at the Sim Formula Europe event. With the core engine up and running, we wanted to get early feedback from the many different simracers at this event.

The event itself was great. Many simracers came by to give it a try and provided valuable feedback for future development. There was also a lot of interest from people in the industry. Although there is no official roadmap, we expect to have a fully functional base platform in about a year from now. In any case, watch this space for regular updates on progress.

Two weeks after the event, a bunch of videos have been published by simracers who took it for a spin. We’ve probably missed a few, so feel free to ping us if yours is missing here. Also, with Race Department and Overtake being the official media partners of the event, they published a brief preview ahead of the event, and a more in-depth overview afterwards.